The Work

I make jewelry for women who want to look good but not look like they tried too hard . I aim to make pieces that will enhance your beauty without making you feel weird. Jewelry can become invested with memories, personas, feelings and can become part of your identity and part of the story of who you are. Or it can just make you happy to look at it. I think about all of these things when I design and and hope that my work becomes part of someones story or at least part of their daily uniform..

100% Handmade

The work begins with raw stock materials; sterling silver, copper, gold and bronze sheet and wire, pulverized glass, wood and semiprecious stones. The metal is cut, carved, hammered, formed and sanded by hand until the design becomes material. “I have always enjoyed the physicality and repetition involved in making things. It makes me feel like Gepetto and I like that. I’m most happy working with my hands.”


Jenny Walker Jewelry is inspired by the shapes and textures found in nature and by works of art from antiquity. Each piece is hand crafted and is designed with the wearers comfort and personal requirements in mind.